What does it mean that our web site has a guaranteed minimum price?  


Does the Hotel have its own parking?  


Is the Hotel close to the beach and to the town?   

4. Distance to the town centre(1 Km)
5. What kind of beach is in front of the hotel?  
6. Do the rooms have a sea view?  
7. Accessibility to the communal areas of the hotel and the beach  
8. Special menus for celiacs, diabetics...?
9. Buffet?  
10. Are animals admitted?  
11. Are there rooms and communal areas for smokers?  
12. Wireless Lan? 
13. Time schedules for breakfast, cafeteria-bar and restaurant  
14. Pool schedules and use  
15. Towels and sheets changing service?  
16. Activities for children? 
17. Noise?
18. Leisure areas and service around the hotel 
19. Size and population of Dénia 


1. What does it mean that our web site has a guaranteed minimum price?

We guarantee that no online travel agency can beat the price on our own homepage!   Up


2. Does the Hotel have its own parking space?

Yes, we have our own free car park. At night the gates are closed and under supervision of the concierge.    Up


3. Is the Hotel close to the beach and the town?

We are only 20 meters away from the beach. You can skirt the pool and the tennis court and reach the beach without having to cross the road or other properties.  Up


4. Distance to the town centre (1 Km)

By car you can reach Dénia in a couple of minutes.

By bus - there is a bus stop at 100 m from the hotel; during summer time, the busses run every half hour.

On foot – you can walk along the beach although there is no seafront promenade, nor an illuminated pathway. You can also walk along the road (on the pavement) which will take you about 15 – 20 minutes to get to the town centre.  Up


5. What kind of beach is in front of the hotel? 

It is a sandy beach called Las Marinas.

It’s an excellent, extensive, natural beach, with a good water quality.

It does not have any seafront promenades, and no roads that pass alongside, but it has beautiful sand dunes. A pure pleasure! The sea is still alive, with its Neptune Grass (a protected seagrass species that is essential for the Mediterranean sealife, and is also used in cosmetics).This can means that on stormy days there is sometimes seaweed on the beach.  Up


6. Do the rooms have a sea view? 

No, the hotel is perpendicular and not parallel to the beach.   Up


7. Accessibility to the communal areas of the hotel and the beach 

All the communal areas (restaurant, cafeteria-bar,...,) are located in the lower part of the hotel, access is completely flat, without any steps.  

Unfortunately, in front of the hotel there is no access for disabled (wheels chair access, etc). The nearest access for disabled is 400 m away near a Restaurant called ‘Blay Beach’.  Up


8. Special menus for people with celiac disease, diabetes or similar?

If you ask beforehand (at least one day in advance), we can prepare a special menu for you.   Up


9. Buffet?

According to our philosophy, we do not serve breakfast, lunch or dinner buffets.  

Everything is freshly cooked and served at the table. Despite the advantages that this implies, the disadvantage is that it takes a little longer.   Up


10. Are animals admitted? 

No, unfortunately we do not have the capacity to welcome animals.    Up


11. Are there any rooms for smoker or smoking areas?

You are not allowed to smoke in any of our rooms, except on the terraces where there is also an ashtray available.

Further, you are only allowed to smoke outdoor (terrace, pool...) and in the cafeteria-bar. Up


12. Wireless Lan?

You have internet access in the following areas: cafeteria-bar, restaurant, terrace, living room, and in 4 of our bedrooms (ask for availability).

In the rest of the rooms you can have access to the internet via Telefónica Hot Spot, but you will have to pay for it, unless you already have a Telefonica password which you could use.    Up


13. Time schedules for breakfast, cafeteria-bar and restaurant

Breakfast: 8.00 am. to 10.30 am.

Cafeteria-bar: 8 am. to 11 pm. Sorry, but we are not able to offer a later service as we are a small hotel and we try to create a relaxing atmosphere for all our guests. Therefore, after 11 pm. we can only provide drinks that our guests can take to their room.

Restaurant: 1.30 pm. to 3.25 pm. and 7.30 pm. to 10.15 pm.

At night once the last order has been taken in the restaurant, the service in the restaurant will continue until midnight.    Up


14. Schedules and uses of the pool 

Schedules: 8 am to 11 pm. 

For security, you are not allowed to jump into the pool. 

Screams and annoying games are not allowed, especially in the early morning and siesta time.   Up


15. When can towel and sheets changing be expected?

Towels are changed daily, unless they have not been used.

The sheets, the same as at home, every three days. Unless exceptionally they need a change.   Up 


16. Are there any activities for children? 

The hotel does not have instructors/monitors for organized activities.

Our hotel has agreements with external monitors for activities such as tennis classes, sailing etc. Ask for the rates.    Up


17. Noise?

The Hotel is very quiet. Also, it is far from roads (about 70 m); there is only one road going exclusively to our hotel.

The personnel will ensure, with your help, that no annoying and/or unnecessary noises occur. 

Remember that this it is a restful hotel.   Up


18. Leisure areas and service around the hotel

There is a busy street nearby (about 250 meters), where guests can find approximately 15 restaurants/bars one after the other, and the great park of Bassetes for skating, jogging and other leisure activities.

At about 150 m there is a supermarket and a stand/kiosk.

The sandy beach of Las Marinas (12 km long), is very natural. There is no beach promenade, nor a road or bars (except some every 400 metres); therefore it is absolutely tranquil on the beach.

However, guests can find everything they need at the city centre which is one km away from our hotel. There are approximately 230 restaurants, 120 bars, a multitude of pubs, stores, and supermarkets etc. to explore. Up


19. Size and population of Dénia 

Dénia spreads over 22 km of coastline, and is approximately 12 km wide.

There are around 35.000 permanent inhabitants registered, however, about 15.000 lon stay tourist residents, mostly from the rest of the European Union (Germans, Dutch, French...).

In summer, there are about 100.000 people in total.   Up

HOTEL ROSA DENIA. Calle Congre nº 3 (Carretera de las Marinas Km 1) 03700 Dénia (Alicante).     Tel. 96 578 15 73 - Fax 96 642 47 74.          E-mail: info@hotelrosadenia.com